About Great Neck, NY

Great Neck is a region on Long Island, New York, that covers a peninsula on the North Shore and includes nine villages, among them Great Neck, Great Neck Estates, Great Neck Plaza, Kings Point, and Russell Gardens, and several unincorporated areas, as well as an area south of the peninsula near Lake Success and the border territory of Queens.

FitMobl: Serving the Great Neck, NY Community

Do you want the benefits of working out without having to go to the gym? We understand. The gym can be intimidating and a lot of pressure. At FitMobl, our aim is to help you reach your health and wellness goals without having to leave your Great Neck, NY house. We can also meet you in a nearby location of your choosing. FitMobl brings all the necessary equipment, so we are always prepared to help you meet all your goals. We offer affordable packages so finances don’t have to get in the way of your health and wellness journey. Don’t get stuck paying gym membership fees ever again! Private coaching in a place where you feel comfortable will bring you the best chance of success.


Cardio Fitness

Cardio exercises are effective ways of improving heart health and losing weight. When you engage in cardio activity, you get your heart pumping and raise your energy levels, which leads to overall health improvement. Our experts can help you achieve your cardio fitness goals in an affordable and attainable way from the convenience of your home in Great Neck, NY.


Rehabilitation exercises are important for seniors or for anyone who is recovering from an injury or illness. These exercises strengthen muscles and increase agility, leading to more independence and mobility. Rehab services in particular can be difficult for someone to get to without help, so having a rehab team work with you in your own Great Neck, NY home is a huge convenience.

Nutrition Counseling

Eating the right foods for your body is an important part of caring for your health and wellness. From the convenience of your home in Great Neck, NY, the experts at FitMobl will consult with you to provide you with nutrition counseling that is catered to your specific health needs and goals.

Strength Training

Strength training is an excellent way to stay fit and keep your muscles healthy and supportive. At FitMobl, our experienced strength trainers bring all the equipment you need to you! Wherever you would like to work out in Great Neck, NY, whether at your home or another location outside of a gym, we will meet you and provide you with the equipment you need to succeed.

Weight Loss & Toning

Weight loss is more than just eating right. It involves patience, persistence, and perseverance. We provide a weight loss coaching program that can help you along your journey and guide you through the tough spots until you reach your goals. We can meet with you at your Great Neck, NY home or in any location that is convenient for you.

Group Sessions

Group training can be an effective way to achieve your health and wellness goals with the added motivation of working with others. Our trainers will customize the sessions to meet the needs of that particular group and will work at the convenience of everyone involved. If you are looking for a group training session in Great Neck, NY, FitMobl can help!

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